ISO Certifications for Environmental, Safety & Health and Quality


DIC Compounds (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd's well-integrated and credible quality control practices are evidenced by the ISO Environmental, Safety & Health and Quality certification for the manufacturing process.

The ISO 9000 standard series is applied to uphold product quality and its competitiveness in both domestic and international markets. By consistently prioritising product quality, the company achieved the 9002 certification for quality management system on 8 December 1993. This was upgraded to MS ISO 9001 certification in April 2003.

The implementation of MS ISO 14001 standard denotes high social responsibility and care towards the environment and the local community. The company has poured efforts into waste management, chemical management, natural resources and management system and the use of only environmental-friendly materials. It was awarded MS ISO 14001 from SIRIM QAS Sdn. Bhd in 26 Sep 1997.

The demand for a recognisable Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) management system and commitment by top management spurred DIC Compounds (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd towards ISO 45001. It boosted its efforts in OSH-related matters comprising risks, accidents and safe operations, along with putting in place a management system to ensure compliance to all subscribed legislations. Its ISO 45001 : 2018 certification on 10 December, 2019 was made possible by unwavering team cohesion.

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