The DIC Way


"The DIC Way" was formulated to represent the DIC Group’s fundamental management philosophy.
In line with "The DIC Way", the DIC Group will continue to promote efforts aimed at enhancing corporate value and achieving sustainable growth.



We create enhanced value and utilise
innovation to introduce socially responsible
and sustainable products.


Colour & Comfort by Chemistry

We improve the human condition by safely
bringing colour and comfort into people's lives.*

Core Values

  • Enterprising:

    Lead with a passion for excellence that is evident in the solution-focused actions taken each day to drive value through innovation.*

  • Integrity:

    Be honest, forthright, and ethical in all dealings with customers, suppliers, and coworkers.*

  • Dedication & Loyalty:

    Take responsibility for performance in the office, laboratory, and factory, by demonstrating commitment to customers, suppliers, and coworkers.*

  • Diversity:

    Respect other viewpoints and work collaboratively while valuing collective goals over personal interests to achieve excellence; foster communication and cooperation with people from all backgrounds.*

  • Social Responsibility:

    Go beyond compliance to promote products and activities that achieve socially responsible and sustainable developments that protect the environment.*

* Annotation