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Special Compounds

Colour Compound is developed according to the customer's desired colour and physical properties. It is specially formulated and can be directly used by customer for injection moulding, sheet extrusion and various plastic applications.

DAIELEC® is a trade name of electrically conductive plastic compound which is specially formulated for the manufacture of conductive products and the environment where being free from electrostatic hazard is an important consideration. It is of high quality and is a well-designed product specifically to provide good electrical, mechanical and processing properties. It is ideal for use in injection molding and sheet extrusion application.


DIC produces a comprehensive range of high quality and innovative masterbatches that are specially tailored to suit diverse global market demands. They are marketed under the trade name of Peony®, Plamaster® and Spundye®.


Coloring agent with high pigment concentrate in pellet form that offer excellence dispersion that best suited for thin film applications on olefin base resins.


Coloring agent with high pigment concentrate in pellet form that offer excellence dispersion that best suited for injection molding and sheet extrusion applications.


A high quality concentrate colouring agent which offers excellent dispersion and good heat resistance specially designed for today’s fibre grade processing equipment.

Dry Blend (Dairen®)

The dry colour/blend is the mixture of pigments and additives in dry powder form which is recommended to be used in a wide range of plastic application with suggested adding ratio for injection moulding application. Dairen® is a trade name of dry colour developed by DIC to meet the cost effectiveness, good dispersion and consistency of colour property .


DIC’s Engineering Plastics Division under solid compounds segment develops and produces a multitude of engineering products.

We, DIC Compounds (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd produce PPS compounds under the guidance and supervision of our headquarters in Japan.

DIC.PPS is the trade name for DIC’s Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) based compound produced in pellet form. PPS is a heat resistant semi-crystalline polymer with outstanding chemical resistance, inherent flame retardancy and a melting point of about 280°C. Two types of PPS are available, namely cross-linked and linear type of molecular construction. DIC-PPS which is filled with fibre reinforcement and/or mineral filler provides superior properties and process ability for designer and processor of various applications which require heat resistance, super strength and modulus, inherent flame retardancy, excellent dimensional stability, chemical resistance, excellent electrical properties and for moulding of intricate and precision parts.